Fantasy On Bar Ilan

Fantasy on Bar Ilan

A significant portion spent my adolescence at Bar Ilan University. I learned a History Department. I spent hours in the history books, and I did it not only for academic reasons but mainly because I was turned on to the student who was working in the library. I'm a coward and afraid of women had not discovered her feelings, but she played a large part in my fantasies. I would like to present you one. I'm going to tell the story is fiction, but some of its biographers details are correct. I would be delighted if you react to things and offer suggestions for improvement.

The lecture of Prof. Genizi done and I rushed to the library to look at history to Hades love. Hadas was beautiful with curly black hair and skin the color of mocha boil in the heat. She was religious and therefore covered her body underneath clothes but I noticed shapely curves of a fire ignited in my heart and in my body. The thought of seeing the object of my desire and joy to my heart growing tree between her legs. I tried to hide the bulge in my pants by pulling downward pioneer. It was a trick, which I have used since elementary school, but to no avail. A group of girls were taken over, hissed at me sarcastically, "What are you hiding there carrot dwarf?" Red and embarrassed so I went to the library failed legs.

The library door reads: "The library is closed for renovation." Library Department was total, one room not particularly large, the area of ​​Hazbstonim university. Home Department decided to expand the library and add more room and therefore closed the library in honor of refurbishment. I was about to leave when suddenly the door opened. Myrtle was standing, it shocked me so much that I forgot to hide the sexual organ erect. Luckily, she did not seem to notice, or in this respect but was not evil like the other women.

Soft and sensual voice, she told me, "Elijah true ?, Can you help me with something." Yes, I replied shaking and sweating. I went after myrtle and watched her butt playful, I imagined how we make love passionately on the floor of the library. Myrtle led me into the next room of the library, and asked me to help her arrange the books on the shelves. She told me to start and she'll be back in a moment to help me. I started work in March, when suddenly I felt a gentle hand on the shoulder of myrtle. I turned to smiles all over, and I saw her holding a frying pan and brought it down on my head. The blow, I passed out.

I woke up naked and handcuffed my hands and feet, shelves of books stored in the library. I tried to shout for help but my mouth was blocked with adhesive tape, trying to escape from the handcuffs but they were too tight. The door opened and the myrtle walked in carrying a large jar and transparent, these large river joined the students. They were perhaps thirty in number and came towards me with a menacing look. Looking at them as I began to tremble violently. They laughed at me, saying, "See how he rattles out." Myrtle calm the girls and told them, "Silence, please, I want to start, as you are all aware of our library is undergoing renovation and we need the money. So I decided editor fundraising campaign. Elijah", and when she said my name grabbed my cheek and crushed them, "agreed to help me fundraising, the truth, I made the little shit ".

"The idea is this, continued myrtle, all of you are invited to hit as hard as possible dwindling of nothingness Blade that all strikes will have to contribute two shekels to the library. Shekel for each testicle that Elijah, oh sorry that he had. If for example a timeout Swing it five twice she will donate ten shekels library and want plagues will contribute 20 shekels. " After the explanatory invited the students to carry myrtle me hatched. They lined up and started beating me. They kicked me with the tip of the shoe, with a sole and heel, bare, punched me, Museum Porns and even headers. Each time one of the girls had intended to hit me, her friends advised her how to intensify the pain. The other women in the room encouraged the blow cries, "Come to break him T'bitzim, executioners it! They also took pictures of my striking their mobile phones to commemorate lowered.

After I was beaten protections from about 15 women in Hadera, including myrtle, I began to lose consciousness. One of the girls found a solution and sprayed me with an extinguisher foam of the library. It woke me up a little while, until, short little girl named Liat, who was in my departmental seminar, jumped on the table and jumped from jumping karate that was a disgrace to Bruce Lee. Her high-heeled shoes with tremendous force entered the testicles and Fintzro them like a broken tire. Tremendous pain shook my whole body and my eyes went out of their sockets. My head fell forward powerfully and lost consciousness again and this time definitively.

I woke up in the hospital, was connected by transfusion and genitals were with a large bandage. Sister got in the room accompanied by a doctor, "the police brought this patient," the doctor asked the nurse. "Yes, replied the nurse, the police found him naked and with a very serious injury to the testicles. The police officer told me, in all my years as a police officer not encountered such abuse." "Apparently, her doctor, he messed with the wrong people", "or with the wrong women," I said softly. "Well, doctor paragraph, let's see what we're dealing with." She gently removed the bandages off and shook her head, as she says, "just scrambled eggs did you have there," Hearing those words, almost burst out laughing nurse, she covered her mouth, laughing does not come out. The doctor continued, "Listen young man if you have plans to start a family, forget them quickly. In addition, I advise you not to masturbate, it may cause you terrible pain. As you noticed hooked you into the catheter," she picked up the bag of urine to seeing the catheter, "you go around with him a while longer." "Well, the doctor said the nurse, let's go visit we have more patients, give Elijah a lot more fluids and morphine, he will have it."

The doctor and the nurse came out and I continued to lie on the bed like a complete wreck, suddenly came into my room a beautiful woman dressed in black. She was wearing sunglasses and large black eyes and holding a bouquet of flowers. The woman approached me and put the flowers on the nightstand by my bed. She seemed very familiar to me and I tried to guess where I know her. With a swift motion removed her glasses and the woman hit powerfully to reality. This was my response myrtle, what is she doing here?

I wanted to scream, but Hadas put her hand on mouth and motioned for me to shut up. I was afraid of it, not daring to call for help. She reached out and grabbed the pipe which drooped enters the small and shriveled mine, "if you dare scream, Hzhirhs me Hadas, I will shake your dick together catheter, so be quiet and listen. You do not tell anybody ever happened to you in the library, although do I and my friends go back and this time get on you completely. In addition, you owe me 500 shekels, why you are probably asking, "called myrtle my mind, that stillness like a chicken bundle on the floor of my library, and I had to clean the blood from your stinking." "So Once you leave the hospital you go to the library with a bag of urine between your legs, and you give me my money, because otherwise, you do not want to know who is going to happen. "" Am I clear? "asked myrtle, yes I said in a small voice. she let go catheter and punched me last ribs, doubled over and saw her leave the room.

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