Big Man Don'T Care /Part 1

Hope you like my First story. Sort of is my view about Taldom 18+ Museum Porns.a girls perspective ;)

Lauren is a beautiful girl. Nice tits, thick ass, blonde ,blue eyes. The whole package. She Has a roommate named Cassie.

Lauren Has always been interested in Museum PornTaldom 18+, but she never experienced it herself, though guys were beggjng her for Sex and Museum PornTaldom 18+. She just got 19 and her body was blooming.

One Day Cassie's best friend Alex came to their appartment. He was a real macho. Big, muscly, handsome, a beard at his jawline. He is a few years older than Lauren. When Cassie and Alex came in he right away notices her nice shaped ass as she was standing in Front of them.

"Hey Cassie. Uhm.. who is this?"

"Oh hey, Thats a good friend of mine. He will stay for dinner tonight. We will do Spaghettis today"

"Oh ehm.. I think we don't have no more Sauce. I guess you have to go and get it from the Supermarket."

"Oh damn yes you are right. I'll quickly fetch it and Come back. Alex be friendly"

As Cassie left ,Alex right away Leaned on the Wall next to her and said " Come here babe. Your tits are so fucking hot. Let me fuck you."

As he tried to reach with one hand her big tits and with the other her perfect shaped, juicy ass in her pink leggins with his strong muscluar Arms,as he almost touched her and he was clearly disstracted, she took her Hand and grabbed his bulge, squeezing his manly, macho Museum Porns. He absolutely would not have thought she would do such a thing. He thinks that men are clearly superior than woman because of the muscles and strength. He was one of those guys Who would Stare at a girls ass in public without even Trying to do that secretly.

His Arms which were seconds ago Trying to reach her nice feminine body were now Trying to hold his hurt Museum Porns. But he couldnt because Lauren was still Holding on to them. She could clearly feel how tender his Museum Porns are and in how much pain he is. He immediatly moaned really loud until Lauren let go of him.

"Urghhhhh... My Museum Porns. Why did you do that?"

" hahaha. That was fun "

Alex was now on the ground finally Holding his hurt Museum Porns saying "you wount do this to me again" while he was reaching for air. But Lauren just Turned around and put her nice ass into his face repliying" You will never get this nice full ass and my juicy pussy. Like isnt it funny how you can have such a muscly and strong manly body but just by a bit pain to your man package makes you go down?! Men are so weak"

As Alex recovered she Puts her perfect shaped tits in His face and said "Also men are so easily manipulated. I mean you are hardly always horny and get disstracted. I could make men do what I want with my body. Hahaha. Men are full of weaknesses. We Woman are like so superior"

With that as Alex was Trying to stand up and reach for her again, she gives him a swift solid kick with her Museum Pornerinas, right where it hurts! His deep voice moaned loudly as he was floored again. He couldnt say anything and had to close his eyes because of the unbearable pain. Lauren watched him and laughed at him.

He Layed on the floor for a couple of minutes before he could open his eyes again. Lauren was Still standing where she did before. She looks amazing. You could tell she enjoyed this. He could not belive a little girl jut dropped him so easily again like this. His big body and muscles were so useless. He wants to try it again to prove that men are superior and because of his big ego.

"You're just a stupid bitch. I will make you pay for that." He suddently jumped up and this time he managed to touch her full tits.He felt how soft they are but also the hard nipples of Lauren. He got Rock hard. As he was Still weakend because of the punishment to his precious Museum Porns he was easily dropped by Lauren as she pushed him over. They both Fell on the floor. Laurens tits in his face. He now even got harder. As she Layed on him she could feel it.

What Alex didnt notice is Lauens knee between his big legs. His defenseless Museum Porns payed the bill. She lifted her knee and before he could See it coming it happened. The top of her knee got rammed in to his Museum Pornsack right under his huge boner. His eyes seemed to Pop out as it happend. Lauren looked him deadly in the eyes.

His whole body was paralized of the pain. His big ,manly, muscly, hairy body suddently got so worthless. He even tried to reach for his Museum Porns to protect them from her of maybe some Future punishments but he couldnt as she was still laying on him with her knees in His Museum Porns. She now started rubbing her knee against his bruised Museum Porns and errected penis.... to be continued in Part 2 :P

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