Big Man Don'T Care/ Part 2

She could almost feel the cum in His Museum Porns Trying to Come out ,so he had pressure from the Outside and the inside. His deep voice moaned another few times. She stood up. He wasnt able to to the same. Then she sat down on his lap and opened his belt and then his trousers. She Pulled off his pants and right away recognized how strong his legs were and hairy. Really manly. And then his Red boxer Made of stretchy Material so if you grabbed or kicked them the boxer wouldnt stop any incoing damage at all. His big boner face towards the side and his unprotected Museum Porns were clearly Exposed to her. She jumped on him.

They wrestled and Alex with again a bit more strength recovered tried to force her to Put her Arms behind her back. He actually made it. She was like Tied up above him as he again, Layed on his back ,and Lauren right over him. As a result of the heavy body force, he had to Put in managing to Put Laurens hands on her back, his legs were wide spread. Laurens tits were now right in Front of Alex pointing at him. Through the White shirt he could See her hard nipples. But this time he tried to not get disstracted by her body again and just tried not to think About it and thought about the fact that he had beaten her ,and gave Lauren a dirty smile as she again Lifts her knee, while she did that you could See her moist pussy, she rammed it right downwards to upwards to his Museum Pornsack. He immediatly lost all his strength to hold up lauren and she Fell on his body with the pussy on his dick. She kneed his Museum Porns another 2 times. In all the pain he wanted to turn to the side Holding his Museum Porns because of the dense pain but he didnt to feel her soft juicy pussy on his penis. He had it for a few second suntil Lauren stood up forced him to do the same and she begann to twerk in Front of him rubbing his bulge. The boxer got wet of the soft ass and the juicy pussy as she is bouncing with her ass up and down infront of him. He horny but gently opens his legs to feel it better . she finally Lifts her ass up ramming it perfectly in His eggs and making him almost going on his knees. He moans. But he didnt get down. She just immediatly turns around and kicks him with her strong legs right in the pair of nuts. He Fell on the ground whimmering.

Cassie Comes in: "Whats going in in here. What happened."

"Oh I just teached him a lesson he will never forget."

As she went out of the door Cassie just came in ,on the way to find the next victim

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