Grocery Store Bust

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I am a young man in his twenties and was always on a mission to find some lady to bust my nuts. I didn't like paying for services like this and didn't have a significant other at home to share in my fantasies, so I resorted to getting random women in my every day life to fulfill my Museum PornTaldom 18+ needs.

The other day I went to the grocery store at 5:00 a.m. in my usual attire. A t-shirt, short gym shorts (with no underwear of course), and flip flops. It may just be a made up theory of mine, but I always feel like women are more willing to bust those "bro" looking guys. It's like they already assume you're a douchebag and that you must've done something to deserve a foot in the crotch.

I casually walked around the store and grabbed the things on my list while also trying to spot a nice looking target at the same time. At this time of the morning it seemed as though no one was around. I continued wandering around and had made my way over to the eggs when I spotted this 40-something year old MILF in a tight black tank top and white yoga pants. She had full, round tits and her ass, even though not big, looked huge due to her slight frame. She also had on flip flops and I salivated at the site of her tan little feet so nicely kept and looking fresh pedicured.

She was slightly bent over checking out some eggs on the bottom shelf when I decided to go in and make my move. She was checking every box meticulously to make sure there weren't any cracked eggs in her selections.

I calmly strolled up behind her and brushed my way by her as if I needed to go in any get the eggs directly next to the ones she was looking at. I made sure to bump her hip hard with my cock which was sticking out nicely in front of my gym shorts. I always got such a rush from doing this.

As I brushed her she stood up startled and quickly looked over at me obviously not expecting any human contact as she was browsing.

"Excuse me." she said sternly.

"Yes?" I said still pretending that I was looking to make my egg selection.

"You could have just waited a minute." she said annoyed at my lack of apology.

"Oh. Just in a hurry is all." I replied nonchalantly while standing up and finally making eye contact with her.

I noticed that she had briefly looked down and obviously had to have noticed my package protruding from my shorts. She looked very annoyed with me and I thought perhaps I might've been in luck. So I pushed her further.

"And you were taking too much time checking every little egg for cracks, so I just stepped in real quick to grab some eggs."

"You little asshole. I was looking for maybe a minute, tops."

"Oh, ok!" I said mockingly and letting out a small laugh.

"If your not careful with your tone, young man, you just might be the one to end up with some cracked eggs." she said looking down towards my crotch.

"Oh, wow! What a threat!" I blurted out loudly in an effort to "egg" her on. "Look at you. You're just a cute little thing aren't you!" I continued now taking a step closer to her as if to tower over her while also inviting her to act.

"Say one more thing." she said calmly looking up at me clearly unafraid of my hovering over top of her.

"One. more. thing." I replied smugly.

The last syllable had just left my mouth when her little hand shot out and found its way directly towards my package. With lightning speed her fingers quickly brushed to the side my cock to pave the way to gather her desired targets. She wasted no time at all clamping down ferociously on my nuts rendering me unable to speak. I instantly raised up on my tip toes and my eyes bulged almost out of my head. She looked up at me and smiled as she could tell by my inability to even utter a yelp or scream that should must've had a good grip on my Museum Porns.

"Well lookie what I have here!" she laughed letting up slightly on her grip allowing me to breathe a little.

"Please....let them go." I said pleading with her but was also extremely turned on at the same time.

"I'm afraid I haven't quite FINISHED (she again increased her grip on my Museum Porns) inspecting my eggs yet."

I squealed out a little as she again put the squeeze on my nuts.

"I really love teaching young men like you a little manners. Men always seem to need a little reminder of their weaknesses and I am MORE (she switched her grip to just my right testicle) than happy to get them going back in the DIRECTION." she said yanking down hard on my testicle as if she was trying to stretch it to the ground. I could do nothing but follow her downward into a crouched position to avoid her further injuring me.

Here we were both squatting like catchers, in the middle of the store, with her still maintaining a death grip on my manhood. She was now looking me straight in the eye and smirking. Her seeming enjoyment of this made my cock respond to this pain and pleasure overtaking my body. It slowly started to grow and due to our crouched positions it was soon going to find its way out of my short shorts and present itself to the world.

"I was really hoping I'd find some jumbo eggs down here. Disappointing." she said looking down at my crotch. She instantly noticed the tip of my cock now sticking out of my shorts.

"Oh my. What do we have going on down here?" she said continuing to look down as my cock which had now finally grown to full mast. Now at least several inches were showing and I looked down only to see pre-cum on the head of my penis.

"So you like being dominated by women, huh?" she laughed. "You're a sick little fuck aren't you?" she paused a couple of seconds and waited but got no answer from me.

"AREN'T YOU!" she said changing to a harsh tone and again clamped down on my testicle.

I nodded my head in agreement.

"Yes you are." she said now taking her free hand and reaching towards my cock causing me to stir. Instead of grabbing my cock, like I thought she would, she took her thumb and slowly rubbed the head of my penis spreading my pre-cum around all over my sensitive tip. I closed my eyes and moaned at the wave of pleasure overtaking my body.

"Tell me what you want." she said continuing to caress the head of my cock.

It was now or never, so I went ahead and took the chance while I had it.

"Please kick me in the nuts." I said softly.

In response she calmly stood up from her crouched position leaving me now looking downward, longingly at her tan little feet.

"Alright. Pull your shorts to the side and let them out. I want to see what I'm kicking."

I wasted now time freeing my Museum Porns from my shorts, which now hung invitingly down between my open legs just asking to be hit.

"Now tell me how hard you would like your little eggs to be kicked?" she asked as she reached her foot out and gently batted around my Museum Porns a couple of times with her toes teasing them.

I looked up at her seemingly ashamed and meekly replied.

"Crack them."

She gave no further thought and quickly drew her leg back before finally launching it forward towards my wide open crotch. Her aim was impeccable as the top of her foot crashed into my testicles and made an audible thwack sound as they slammed up into my pelvis. The sound could have been heard from all over the store. It only took a couple seconds before an unimaginable pain overtook my entire body and I collapsed down into the fetal position.

As I was busy nursing my Museum Porns, she had made her way back to her shopping cart and casually started to walk away. As she passed me, she left me with parting words that almost made me cum right then and there in the middle of the store:

"Same time next week?"

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