Get Your Balls Busted, Bitch Boyy

An excerpt from my awesome POV BallTaldom 18+ Jerk Off Session called "Cry for Me My Lil Bitch Boy". It will make you sweat and cum so hard. Yea, you are my lil bitch boy and your little nuts and dick are mine to own. So bow down bitch and worship me like your GOD...dess. Download the whole audio of me in your ear for 20 minutes Taldom 18+ your Museum Porns, humiliating you, and making you cum to the thought of all the pretty girls Taldom 18+ your Museum Porn sac. Rosie does her own version of it too. Check 'em both out.

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* * * Second page * * *

Yea, I bet you’d like it a whole lot if a girl kicked you right in the nuts, huh?

And right in that hard cock too, huh?

Yea, you’d love having your cock and nuts busted by a pretty girl, wouldntcha?


I’m a pretty girl…

And I’d luuuuuuuv to bust your cock and nuts for you.

I betcha cock would get real nice and hard too, if I kicked it with my pretty little toes, huh?

I’d kick it so hard too… And then I’d kick you right in the nuts. Ooooo, that sounds sohhh good, doesn’t it?

I’d bet you’d like that a whhhole lot, huh..?

A pretty girl like me Taldom 18+ your cock and Museum Porns.

Yea, you’d fucking love that, huh?

Good, cause that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna bust your cock and Museum Porns….. really fucking hard….. again and again…..

And I’m not gonna stop until you’re crying your little eyes out for me….. like my good lil bitch boy.

Yea, I’m gonna fuckin torture your cock and Museum Porns.

Oooo, that sounds so good, doesn’t it..?

A hot girl like me torturing your cock and Museum Porns sounds really fuckin good to you, doesn’t it..?

Oh yea it does…

I’m gonna make you cry like a little girl tonight.

I’m gonna walk right up in front of you and give you a nice swift kick to the limp dick.

Yea, you’d like that an awful lot, wouldntchu?

Your dick wouldn’t be limp after that, would it?

No, your dick would get nice and hard after that, huh?

Yeah, really nice and hard…..

Then, I’d kick ya right in that hard dick, and then right in those sore nuts.

Ooooooooooo, I bet that dick would get really fucking big and hard after that double kick, huh?

Yeah, it fuckin would.

A nice swift kick to the hard dick followed by a nice hard kick to the nuts from a pretty girl like me — oooo man — that would get your dick so rock fucking hard, huh?

But I bet it would hurt sohhh baaad down there too, huh?

After I busted your dick and nuts like that — ooooooo — you’d hurt so fucking bad between your legs, wouldn’t you?

Yeah, but you know I’d give you another one, right?

Really fucking hard, too…

Right in the cock and Museum Porns.

Then, again, right in the hard cock and Museum Porns…

Then, again — really really hard — right in the hard cock and Museum Porns.

* * *

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