Aurora'S BallTaldom 18+ Flagpole

This is the opening excerpt from a long Museum PornTaldom 18+ story by my friend McKayla Miller, who is playing herself in this story, but under the pseudonym Aurora. The audio version is almost an hour long and it's so sexy. She spends the entire time Museum PornTaldom 18+ this pervy jock named Jacob and explaining how good it makes her feel. At the end, she and the other cheerleaders all bust his nude Museum Porns for awhile and then use him as a sexy toy, cumming all over his face as he holds his crushed nuts. And it just gets more humiliating and painful for Jacob as we all get ready for the first day back to school.

Download the audio version here: - comes with the text story.

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We had it on Kindle but it was removed by Amazon for being too pornographic. It's a really sexy story, wish I could share the whole thing here free but BallTaldom 18+Tube has a character cap, so you're just gonna get to read a few pages from the opening of this long action story. Hope you enjoy and cum really hard just from the opening. And don't forget to get the whole story because you'll never forget how hot it is.

* * *

He tried to play if off, like I didn’t just completely ignore him and shut him down,

and then called out to me,

“Hey Aurora, love those lips…”

I was so creeped out hearing him call my name. I turned my head back at him and snapped,

“YEAH?! What do you love about ‘em??”

Then, I can’t BELIEVE what he said. I almost can’t repeat it. He must’ve been feeling some real courage now that he was a senior and he had turned 18 and all. Because he had the Museum Porns to say,

“I don’t know, but I’d love to have ‘em wrapped around my… you know what…”

And then he grabbed his bulging package and gave it a really offensive “honk honk” shake.

UGH! I was so beside myself!

I never expected him to be that lame, that creepy, and that rude, all at once! I gasped as my eyes bulged at him with shock and defiance. I couldn’t believe it.

Then, something suddenly came over me. I snapped at him and told him if he ever sexually harassed me or my girls again, his BALLS were going to apologize.

He just grinned like a cheetah as if I was coming onto him.

And yes…

He did…

He slapped me right across the ass!

…after sliding right up behind me… while grinning right in my face.

Then, he smugly puffed,

“Sorry, that was a TOTAL accident.”

I gasped in horror.

“OHMIGOD he didn’t!” I thought to myself.

Then I ground my teeth with reserve. I was totally gonna make him pay for that.

I turned around very quickly to face him and stared him right in the eyes as he sucked in a huge gulp of air like a blowfish… and his body collapsed like it was split directly in half… right over… my thigh… which was still pressed very firmly up against into creepy junk —



I’m being my usual dyslexic self!

I totally forgot to mention that I had just kneed him, really hard, in the nuts.

Er, well, I guess a better term is “thighed” him…

Very directly…

Right up between his legs.

And I was still holding my highly toned cheerleader thigh right smack up against his tightly smushed nutsac.

Yeaap, that creep was split right over my knee, with his mouth gaping open, and his tongue hanging out like the dog he was.

Yup, that’s all it took… one little leg lift and he was my little lame ass bitch.

Then… he has the NERVE to… — Oh wait, he still hasn’t caught his breath yet.

At this point, he’s still just staring wide eyed at me in shock and wonder. I don’t even know if he looked down yet to realize his tight Museum Porns were just kneed really hard by the pretty girl he was trying to mack on.

I don’t think he even felt any pain yet. He was still stuck in “gasping mode”.

Then… there it was… a big “WHOOOOOOOSH” noise blew out of his mouth as he gasped and caught his breath.

He quickly came to and looked down to see my thigh pressing his nuts firmly up into his pelvic region.

He obviously wasn’t thinking too clearly because, at that moment, after I just thighed his nuts so hard and was still crushing them, he has the nerve to call me… yes, he has the BALLS to call ME… a SLUT.

Not to mention how rude the comment is all by itself, but then add to it the fact that it’s also a COMPLETE LIE! Because I have never even lost my virginity.

I had been eaten out a few times before by my ex-boyfriend but that’s about it. I had never fucked a boy in my life. So I was anything but a slut.

Rachel was the only one of us cheerleaders who had fucked a boy. She fucked a lot of boys. But, she still wasn’t a slut either. She was very selective. Not that I judged.

Anyway, I was fuming mad. I quickly slammed my foot down on the ground.

And uh… with nothing holding him up, Jacob collapsed down my leg, sliding all the way down on his knees and smacking his head on my knee in the process.

He dropped his hands on the ground to hold himself up… now, on all fours, looking quite like the lame dog he was.

Then, something came over me. Instinctively, I squatted down on my back legs behind him and slap grabbed his nuts so hard in my right hand, he gasped again.

Then, I squeezed really, really hard and lifted him back up on his feet, by the Museum Porns, and held him firmly in place on his toes. He grabbed my arm and squeaked out

“Please let go, Aurora!” in a girly voice.

Me and all the other girls laughed so hard at him.

I turned to my girlfriends and politely said,

“Please excuse us…”

…then turned to Jacob and grinned,

“Follow me…”

…as I proceeded to march him BALLS first across the rotary to the courtyard.

The girls all stared very absorbingly at the dirty boy hunched over my arm with his manhood in my fist. And their gaping mouths followed me very intently as I dragged Jacob on his toes, by his tightly gripped nuts, all the way to the courtyard.

There, I dropped him on his ass with his feet pointing at the flagpole, then kicked his legs wide open in a V around the pole.

I grabbed his ankles and lifted him up as he caught his breath and looked around to figure out what I was doing.

He looked down at his situation… then back at me… and he was like,

“No way?? What the fuck?!”

I raised one little eyebrow and said,

“I told you I’d make those horny Museum Porns of yours apologize.”

He shook his head with realization and started ranting,

“No-no-no please! No-fuck-no!”

“Oh FUCK yea,”

I said, as clutched those ankles extra tight and winked at him.

Then, I ran back REAL fast… dragging him BALLS first right into the flagpole!

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