Hailee'S Tight Grip (10 Girls BallTaldom 18+ O ...

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Here's an excerpt from the story, it's an epic 58-pager.

The girls all cheered me on and started gathering around Chris, hanging over his shoulder and grinning down at me as I sucked his cock.

Casey stared him right in the face with her dark, seductive eyes and asked him all coyly,

“What do you like more, getting your cock sucked, or your Museum Porns busted?”

He started to whimper an incoherent response, partly because he was in pain, but, mostly because he was loving my warm mouth sliding up and down his cock.

Hailee giggled at his whimpers and pouted,

“See, it goes both ways. But, either way it goes, girls are always in control of boys.”

Then, she said to me,

“Do you think those busted nuts are even gonna be able to NUT...?”

We all giggled. And the other girls kept teasing him about his busted nuts, as I continued to suck his throbbing cock, and his sac started to tighten up around the base of it.

Paige stuck a finger in his asshole, and Zoey tickled his tightened nuts, as I just kept on throating his pulsing stiffy.

I could sense he was about to blow a monster load, and it wasn’t going in my mouth. So, I pulled my mouth off his cock, and started stroking it nice and slow, so I could be ready for it when it came.

He started to really tense up with the onset of a life-changing orgasm, and I jerked his cock really hard and fast for five seconds, before flinging it from my hand as it whipped out a huge load all over himself and across the surface of the sandy beach below.

And that was just one of a bunch of squirts to follow.

I let him completely enjoy that first squirt… but before another one could follow it up... I made a fist and gave him the hardest uppercut you could imagine, RIGHT in those TIGHT nuts... punching the cum right out of them.

And it made him squirt a load four times bigger and fatter than the first.

It splashed across my tits, and then whipped down behind me across Hailee’s ankles.


Yup, I punched him right in the tight nuts again.

Hailee bursted out laughing as I forced another massive load out of his cock. This one shot straight up in the air over his shoulder and splashed right across Casey’s and Crystal’s cheeks.

Casey shook her head and dropped right to her knees and gave Chris a nice hard punch to his swinging cock as it flung another thick rope of cum across Crystal’s cheeks.

I followed it up with a flat smack to those now tiny little deflated nuts. I held my hand flat against those tight nuts, ironing them against his cock, as it dribbled out a few more tiny swirls of cum.

He gasped like a dirty old man having a heart attack while fucking a 20-year-old stripper, then fell onto his knees and rolled limply onto his back, moaning and staring up at God with a huge smirk on his face.

I pulled my bikini top off… and then my bottom… and then I stood totally nude up over his face. A few drops fell from between my legs onto his lips and he sighed as I bit my finger.

Then, Zoey did the same, stripping down and straddling her bare naked pussy over his face from the opposite side of me.

We made out as our pussies dripped onto Chris’s lips.

Hailee was busy texting some boy, so she wasn’t even paying attention anymore. She was done mothering us. She knew we had him under control, and we all knew he wasn’t going to misbehave anymore.

Zoey and I started stroking our pussies right over his face. Paige wrapped her thighs around the back of his head and played with his hair, as Chloe sat next to Paige, and dropped her sandy toes on his tongue.

Missy and Kylee held hands and trampled his chest as Selena stood flat on his cock and Museum Porns.

Hehe. Told you she was a bitch.

Suddenly, Zoey and I squirted straight down on his face and mouth and all over Chloe’s toes inside them.

She made him lick her toes completely clean too: cum, sand, and all.

Hailee lied down on her chair and watched us with motherly satisfaction and a huge smirk on her face.

Then, we buried Chris in the sand, leaving only his eyes, nose, mouth, and dick and Museum Porns exposed. It was the cutest sight I’d ever seen.

And here I am, about to blow another hot load at the thought of what we did to him.

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