Selfdefense Pt.2

When he stood up again 10 minutes have past. He is still Holding on to his Museum Porns.

"Mrghmm That was really clever of you arghh smart girl. Using the enemys weakness is really good. So Since you know so much about selfdefense we can now do like a little fight. Just a bit wrestling mhmm alright?"

" Uhm yea sure. Would be fun"

"Ok then quickly let me Change my clothes in which i can move better" With that he goes into his fitting room. This time he will show it Jenn. He will defeat her and wount let her floorIng him again. When Derek stepps out again he is now wearing a flexible Grey short sleeved Sports shirt in which he was flexible in and in some Red sports shorts trousers. When he looks at Jenn he couldnt belive his eyes. She Has stripped down and is now Wearing only her nice bra and a matching panty which results Derek to see all of her beautiful assets. Her beautiful slim waist movie towards her thick hips and beneath her beautiful face her round soft melons pointing at him. Her Bra was clearly having difficulties holding up her gorgeous tits. She looks at Derek with her Bedroom eyes and he almost forgot why he came here.

"So should we Start now big man?"

"Uhmmmm...yes yes yea of course"

" but lets make this a bit more interessting. If you win you Ill fuck with you and you Get to have my beautiful body all for your own, but If I win you will have to treat me like a Princess for a whole week."

Derek doesnt even have to think About it. Of course he will win he thinks and then he will get to have her body for her own. I mean he is a really experienced fighter." Sounds good". He will focus on winning this quickly and then get his reward.

They both step into a Ring in Front of each other and the Match begins. Jenn gets immediatly Pint down by Derek Who is now sitting on her belly and is holding her hands to the ground over her head. He is now right above her boobs and saw a bit of her nipples peeking out of her bra. Jenn is not able to move her hands so she Puts her long and strong legs around him from behind him and presses him away from her. He is now on his back aswell as her, right in Front of her. Resulting of this his big legs are now wide spread in Front of her. His hands are not PressIng Her hands down anymore so she clenches her fist and gives him a punch between his hairy legs in His Museum Porns. He moans. Gladly the punch wasnt as strong as the hit before. Jenn is on her knees and attacks Derek which is on the floor from the back and Takes both of her Arms and wraps the one under his chin and the other to secure this grab. She pulls him back while he is Trying to break her Grip on his head with his big arms. she is now almost lying on her back still Holding him. He cant get out. the back of his heads is lieing very soft in her boobs and her pussy is rubbing on his back.He could feel there was only a very thin layer of Fabric between him and her pussy and boobs. Derek was so near to her pussy but still so far away from it. He first has to win against her. Before Derek is able to break this Grip because of his big muscles which are very good to see Through his shirt, Jenn Takes the back of her feet and ramms the multiple times in His manly eggs from above . She is now hitting him right into his mature man genitals again which she thought about before. Everytime she lifts her leg her ass is wiggling a bit. Derek before that didnt notice that his legs were open the whole time because he was so concentrated on her body and a way to get out of her grip. He moans loud and is now Trying to protect his Museum Porns with his hands from her deadly feet but Jenn quickly Changes her Grip to where she wraps her Arms around his and puts her hands behind his head so she now trapped his arms so they cant be able to move. When Derek is Trying to close his legs as a protection she pushes them open again with her feet and quickly ramms the back of her foot in His manhood again. He is helpless. With Every hit Derek had to moan loudly and was After some Hits he was in unbareable pain.

"There is nothing you can do. I have you by the Museum Porns" she said laughing and with that she took one of her Arms and slides it along his body into his Red shorts. Her petite, feminine hands are now Placed on his big Museum Porns and she is now puting a Grip around them. Her hands are adding pressure on them while her nails are clawed in to them from the sides.

"Arghhhhhhhhhhhh." Derek could no belive that a cute little girl like her with such a Incredible body is in full control over his big and manly body, because of the Museum Porns. Usually men always praise their Museum Porns as they fill the mans body with testesterone and let them build up muscles to get strong and manly, but this time they are used to take a man down. Its so ridiculous that a female beginner of fighting was able to dominate a male well trained and in General physically stronger fighter because of his Museum Porns.

She tightened her grip. " if you give up i let go"

Derek really tries to resist but After she adds even more pressure he has to tap out. When Jenn let go of his body he was finally able to hold his sore Museum Porns. He burries his head on to floor and is cramped together on the floor moaning . "Well Seems like you wount get my pussy then" With that she is rubbing her juicy vagina in His Face though he is not able to look up and goes to the fittingrooms. When she packed all her stuff together and before she wants to leave he she looks into the gym. Derek was still in lange pain and was holding in Museum Porns being unabel to speak or look up. She goes towards him and Takes a Photo of him like this. She would show it her Mother so she would see that Jenn doesnt need any selfdefense classes, beva use she managed to defeat the teacher. She knows how to defend herself against men.

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